July 23, 2018, our store location is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.  Please inquire about any future plans at:




The team at Jackson Craft Coffee Bistro has been drinking coffee for quite some time. At first it was an acquired taste for motor oil and, well, burnt. Over the years as we have grown, and learned, so has coffee. There was a certain point at which the coffee industry started to shift. Coffee was more popularly known for its mass production and convenience, now its part of the culinary world to say the least. Like a good steak or beer a good cup of coffee needs to be planned. It matters who grows the beans all the way to who poured it into your mug, and of equal importance is you the drinker of that mug. Your favorite mug speaks to who you are, a cat person, a dog person, a ferret person; your favorite coffee is involved with your personal taste just as much as your actual tastes and with a myriad of bean origins, roast specification, and brew methods were here to fix you the perfect cup of coffee.


Jackson Craft Coffee Bistro is located in San Marcos, California (North San Diego County), currently serving breakfast and lunch, as well as delicious pastries and treats.  Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates.  We focus on single origin, fair trade or direct trade micro-roasted coffee beans and drinks; additionally Jackson craft sells tea, hand mixed sodas,  sweet and savory food items, and retail items related to the making of coffee and tea.   We use local suppliers who support sustainable practices, all of our retail food products are from California artisan food crafters.

We only serve coffee from seasonal beans and whenever possible share the stories, origin of our beans, and how their journey has influenced their taste. We want to share with our customers the complexity of the coffee bean in taste, health benefit, and as a commodity; highlighting the impact of growing coffee, the farmers, and socioeconomic issues

                                       Mission Statement:                                            

As we succeed and fail our Mission Statement will evolve.

Aim to serve the best cup of coffee. Provide our customers with the best coffee beans matched to their taste to take home or enjoy in our bistro.  Serve everyone better than anyone else, create extraordinary coffee and food experiences.